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He’s an excellent life strategist and coach. Dedicated his last ten years of his life to learning, mentoring, coaching and being guided and mentored by those who are very experienced and successful in this field.

Haran is very passionate about human nature and what makes people succeed in life and live a happy life. He decided to study human nature and started his own journey as a life coach and a therapist. He studied and lectured on power of the consciousness; including how to program yourself to create what you want using your consciousness.

Life Strategist and Coach

Haran has been learning about human nature for most of his life. His passion is to empower, enrich and help people to live the life that they want. Has been going to India, and stayed in few different ashrams and learning different techniques and tools for change. He also decided to become a monk, however he realised that his life passion is to empower people and change their life by living with them.

He is also trained in Yoga and Meditation at the age of 9. He strongly belief that we are not here in this world just to eat, earn a living, make children and die. There’s a higher purpose to human beings. As all the saints and sages throughout the ages have said, “Human life is precious. Don’t waste it.”


Haran Thanabalasingam is a qualified counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer of hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy® and he’s a successful life strategist & a life coach who has helped hundreds of people just like you to improve their lives through these techniques. He goes beyond the standard psychological treatments and use scientifically proven holistic methods that are absolutely key in effective coaching.


Thank you very much for all the effort this week and last week. I was crying almost on a daily basis for last few weeks and I can’t belief that I am feeling fantastic now,this is the first time in a long time I feel free from the pain, depression and stress. All of my negative thoughts from the past are gone. Your therapy is truly very powerful. I feel confident moving forward that I can achieve anything.

Donna Xavier, Taylors Hill – VIC

I have been seeing psychologist and taking anti-depressant for more than 20 years. My friend recommended me to see Haran, I’m so glad that I made that phone call and decided to see him. I saw Haran for my long term depression issue and within few session he got rid of my depression and the whole world looks so different to me. I’m in control of myself now. It feels so great to carry on with my life with more positive outlook and more energy.

Tom McImes, Preston – VIC

I have been gaining weights for last few years and what ever I tried didn’t work for me, after three sessions with Haran I lost one dress size without any exercises and I felt so natural to eat healthy food and I am a very happy person now.

Anna Krall, South Yarra – VIC

I had fear of flying and height. I often have to fly for work, it was very difficult for me to continue with my job. After seeing Haran those fear of flying and fear of height just disappeared and I’m so grateful that I met Haran.

Margaret Appaze, Doncaster – VIC

I was a non-believer in energy healing until I saw Haran. My wife had great results for her back pain after seeing him, so she pretty much forced me to see him. I was suffering from a stiff and painful wrist for a long time. I had an accident when I was 14 year old (38 when I saw him), and I couldn’t move my wrist freely and it was always stiff and painful. I couldn’t even open a lid. After one treatment my wrist became very flexible and the pain disappeared completely. I recommend anyone to Haran.

Yadhav Patel, Burwood – VIC

I had irregular heart beat for more than 8 years, I have done so many different things and seen all sorts of specialists. However I had no change until I saw Haran. We had 6 sessions, doing some Time Line Therapy and energy work and my heart is back to normal and functioning perfectly now.

Rob Dowdell, Mornington – VIC

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