Lights up Health

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Lights up Health

This is a Health focused Personal Breakthrough Session. Haran is not a medical doctor and he’s not intending to replace the orthodox medicine.
We will work out a SMART goal, work together with your GP and other service providers, then we will look at your condition and see if we can assist you.

We will look into specific emotional patterns associated with your health in your subconscious/ unconscious mind. The root cause of the problem is usually found there.

Haran will be using Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Panic Therapy, Thought Field Therapy and/or Access Bars for this therapy along with nutrition, eating habits and looking into what goes in your body. What is your lifestyle?, What is your habit? How are you programming yourself?

Why Lights Up Health session?

If you need some help with your Chronic Pain or any other health issues, you can talk to Haran.

Haran Thanabalasingam is not a medical doctor, he does not intend to replace the orthodox medicine. Even through he uses great techniques and modalities for treatments, it does not replace conventional medicine. It is rather to complement not to replace the medical practice.

It can vary depending on your condition.

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