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Lights up Life

You can organise a 30 – 45 minutes free breakthrough session with Haran. In just one powerful short-session with him, you will start to clarify your goals, and start building your road-map to a life of not just achievement, but a life of true fulfillment. There are many areas of your life you could be happy about and few other areas where you may not be happy about may feel that you are stuck and you want to rise up above that dark place in your LIFE and Lights up that part of your life. This is an opportunity for you to work on those areas with me.

Lights up Life – Breakthrough session can help you to achieve major breakthrough in your life, help you achieve your life’s goals. We work together on creating a SMART goal and work out your values (What is important to you in your life) and work out how you want to be and how it is right now. We will use different strategies and tools using NLP and Time Line Therapy to work out how you prioritise your values in your life. After that we will use another NLP technique to realign your Values in the right place.

For Example:
If you think money is important but on your value, when we work with the subconscious mind, we may find out money is probably 10th on the value list. We work out what is holding you from moving money to 2nd or 3rd place or wherever you want and then make sure we move “money” up on the value ladder.
Some people complain they don’t have loving relationship in their life, they want to have that, but when you work with them we find out that they have “money” as the number one value, where they are always working and no time for family or loved ones. We work with the root cause of the problem to find out why he/she has that in that particular place in their value ladder and move it where they want, prioritising relationship first. We also work on different aspects of people’s life and do a breakthrough session. Main focus is creating a SMART goal together and working towards achieving them by addressing the root cause of the problem and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Why Lights Up Life session?

Have you ever found yourself saying:

“I wish I could stop doing…, but there is a part of me that….”
“I really want to…. but I just can’t help myself.”
I know I should not …, but I just can’t help myself.”
If you have this kind of self talk “Lights Up Life” Personal Breakthrough session is for you.

How long is a personal breakthrough session?

It varies. Usually it can vary from 7 – 12 hours depending on each individuals. Normally
I split sessions into 2 – 3 hours per day

It can vary but we typically put 8 hours aside for a personal breakthrough session.
Normally I split sessions into 2 – 3 hours per day.
You know you are more than your current behavior or situation. Don’t you?
If you’re doing the something again and again and expect different result, do you
think it will happen?
If you want real change, then you must meet Haran.

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