Lights up Love

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Lights up Love

This is a relationship focused Personal Breakthrough Session. You may feel unhappy in your relationship or feel stuck with someone where you
may not feel like you’re connecting with each others anymore. Where you may feel you don’t have that chemistry and fire in the relationship anymore. You’re feeling confused, lost and not sure what to do about it and you also feel that you can’t communicate with your partner. If you want to Lights up Love in your relationship this Breakthrough session is for you. This is an opportunity for you to work on those areas with me.

Lights up Love session will focus on achieving your relationship goals. We work together on creating a SMART goal for your relationship and work out your values (What is important to you in your relationship) . We will explore both (You and your partner’s values) of your values and then work towards matching both your values as you want them. So there won’t be conflict in your relationship.

One parter may have love as the number one value in their relationship and the other partner may have money as the number one value in their relationship. It is obvious the partner who has money as the number one value in the relationship may not make time for the family, he/she might be always working or out of the house on business trips etc. The other partner who has love as the number one value in their relationship may not feel loved and their need met. This session focuses on aligning both partners values by working on each partners,their goals and values and creating a SMART goal together as a couple.

We will use different strategies and tools using NLP and Time Line Therapy to work out how you prioritise your values in your life. After that we will use another NLP technique to realign your Values in the right place.

Why Lights Up Love session?

We don’t have that chemistry and fire anymore in our relationship, we don’t have that love and connection anymore?

Have you ever found yourself saying:

“I wish we could be close and loving…”
“I really want to…. but I’m scared to get too close to him/her”
I know I should not get angry with him/her …, but I just can’t help myself… I just can’t communicate… ”
If you have this kind of self talk “Lights Up Love” Personal Breakthrough session is for you.

How long is a personal breakthrough session?

It varies. Usually it can vary from 7 – 12 hours depending on each individuals. Normally I split sessions into 2 – 3 hours per day.

It can vary but we typically put 8 hours aside for a personal breakthrough session.
When we see couples, it will be 16 hours minimum. We will be seeing you individually first and then we need to bring both of you together and work together.

You know you deserve a good, loving relationship. Don’t you?

If you want a real change in your relationship, then you must meet Haran.

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