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Manifest Your Greatness Seminar

Experience Manifest Your Greatness Seminar. It gives you the specific process of HOW to change your unfulfilled dreams into manifesting your true wishes and expectations.

What’s in it for you?
• Eliminate what is holding you back and Replace with powerful subconscious programming and strategies
• Manifest wealth and abundance
• Manifest respectful, loving and nurturing relationship
• Work on yourself and have some clarity

It is a two full day workshop.

Advanced Sales Training:

We will teach you how to sell anything to anyone at anytime. When it comes to sales, pitching and closing there are so many tools and techniques available. In our training we will train you in:
– Advanced rapid rapport building techniques.
– How do you sell your product/ services in such a competitive market place and why the buyer must choose you – How to get more satisfied customers
– How to instantly tap into people’s emotions and what they really want.

What’s in it for you?

• Increase your sales to hit through the roof and earn more happy customers
• Get trained in advanced sales techniques to connect with people instantly and understand what they really want. And then sell it to them.

Trauma Recovery Program

This training is for you if you are a therapist/ counsellor or someone struggling with trauma.

As a counsellor and psychotherapist, Haran works with individual clients and group of people to address and eliminate trauma. Trauma is a big issue in todays world. You can be a therapist who wants to improve your skills and add more tools to help others. It could be some accident or a particular traumatic incident that you experienced. You may have experienced family violence, rape, torture or you could have experienced bombing and shelling and you still have nightmares about them and you feel like you can’t do anything in your life. If it sounds familiar this workshop is for you.

If it sounds familiar this workshop is for you.

Haran worked with group of women, school children, Australian Aborigines and asylum seekers. He also worked with clients one on one and with group of people successfully. It has been very successful and effective program so far. Haran uses Time Line Therapy® NLP, Mindfulness, and psycho-somatic therapies to release trauma.

Mindfulness Workshop – Training

Mindfulness for Workplace, Corporate Executives, Schools and Highly stressed people:

You will receive tools and techniques to reduce your stress and anxiety. You can do this training if you are a CEO, manager, team leader, or someone who works with many people. In today’s world most of us are working in a highly stressed environment. We will focus on giving different strategies based on your job and needs.


If a particular school wants to train their teachers, we will train you with different strategies to work with children with different behavioural issues.

We are also happy to come to the school and do the mindfulness workshop with children.

We can organise this workshop according to your needs and availability.

Evidence–based research confirms that regular practice of these simple, self-managing techniques lead to;
• lower the stress level and anxiety
• improved attention and focus
• increased emotional resilience
• reduce fight/ flight response and increase clarity
• improved relationships with self and others
• improved sleep quality

Our Mindfulness Training produce the following benefits:

  • Less stress-related illnesses reduce the costs of employee absenteeism.
  • Employees are able to concentrate and focus better on their tasks
  • Increased workplace productivity.
  • Better relationship with other staff and clients

Who is Haran:
Haran Thanabalasingam is a life strategist and mindfulness meditation consultant who is originally trained as a counsellor. He is the founder of Consciousness Formula a global life coaching organisation.

Haran’s passion is to empower, enrich and help people to live the life that they want. He stayed in India for a while and decided to become a monk, however he realised that his life passion is to empower people and change their life by living with them.

He is also trained in Yoga and Meditation at the age of 9. He strongly belief that the greatest gift that you can give to those around you is to be at peace within yourself.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful technique that helps us to direct our focus in one thing at a time. Meditation is not about keeping your mind blank not thinking about something. It is a skill and technique that calms our reptilian brain. We are designed to function on flight, fight and freeze mode, therefore when you face a threat, or a stressful situation our reptilian brain get activated. However you don’t have to live like that every moment of your life. Mindfulness technique allows us to use the human brain instead of our reptilian brain and it helps us to upgrade our mind to keep up with the demands of our increasingly complex world with more clarity.

Mindfulness meditation is a skill that you develop, a form of mental training that supports the mind to be more focused, clear and effective and has been scientifically proven to be a powerful practice in effectively managing stress and creating optimal well-being.

Mindfulness is becoming very popular across the world and training has now been implemented in many different sectors, including corporations, schools, hospitals, and government.

There are compelling evidence supporting the fact that Mindfulness meditation, when practiced regularly, can lead to:

  • Increased inner peace and happiness
  • Structural changes in the brain associated with enhanced mental performance
  • Reduced stress and its negative impact on the body and mind
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Reduced genetic ageing through its protective impact on gene expression
  • Enhanced immune function

Our Mindfulness Training:

We offer a number of different mindfulness training options and packages through our Mindfulness Training. We offer mindfulness training at school and workplace.

Participants will learn:

  • Skills to relax and destress
  • Skills for developing more focused attention and enhanced productivity
  • Natural ability to accept change
  • Increased emotional and physical resilience
  • Skills to recognise unhelpful patterns and behavioural issues and manage more effectively

Workplace Example:

Mindful work techniques which bring mindfulness to everything you do in the workplace. Your stress level will be reduced or even just disappear from your system. Instead of you becoming reactive to situation, you’ll be able to analyse and act accordingly. Your relationship with other colleagues, clients, work, emails, meetings, and communication will improve.

Corporate Mindfulness Training Program

Options include:

1.5-hour keynote presentation

“Mindfulness: Reduce stress and upgrade your mind for more focus and productivity”

Includes an introduction to guided mindfulness

Scientific research on why we should be mindful and how it can help us bring more focus, effectiveness and engagement into the workplace.

3-hour Corporate Based Mindfulness training workshop

A 3 hours workshop aimed at complete beginners of mindfulness which more deeply explores the science of mindfulness and how it can be applied to everyday life and work to enhance well-being, productivity and focus.

This workshop will leave participants inspired by the recent scientific research and equipped to bring mindfulness techniques into work and life for greater effectiveness.

Haran will explore the science of stress and teaches some powerful mindfulness practices that can help to manage stress more effectively. Participants will leave with practices to support greater focus, enhanced communication skills and ability to manage difficult relationships and emotions.

Package includes:

3hr mindfulness training workshop

Audio (USB) guided mindfulness meditation practices for participants to use after the training

A copy of the digital mindfulness ebook written by Haran Thanabalasingam. “Mindful You” which supports people to bring mindfulness into daily life as a habit.

Email coaching with Haran in between weekly sessions to clarify your doubts.

Four-week corporate based mindfulness training

This program is tailored to the company’s specific needs and circumstances and includes:

✓     Weekly 1.5 hour in-person sessions, which introduce the science and practice of mindfulness

✓     Weekly guided audio mindful meditation practices to explore between sessions, with an opportunity for questions and feedback each week

✓     Compelling scientific research delivered in an accessible way that will leave participants feeling inspired and motivated to learn and practice the techniques

✓     Exercises and tools to enhance employees inner capacities, including managing stress and overwhelm, communicating more effectively, dealing with conflict, working in teams more effectively, dealing with change, improving focus, performance and innovation.

Your employees will learn:

✓     Techniques to manage stress more effectively

✓     Practices which support greater focus and productivity

✓     How to apply mindfulness practice to communication for more effective relationships

✓     How mindfulness can literally transform their brain

✓     Practices to develop and strengthen emotional resilience and wellbeing

✓     How to bring mindfulness practices into how they use technology

Package includes:

4 x 1.5hr weekly sessions

Maximum of 30 people

Includes printed material including Haran’s ebook Mindful You and audio guided mindfulness practices for use during and after completion of the program.

Weekly check in emails to motivate and support habit formation and answer questions in between sessions.


Mindfulness for School:

Researchers from Deakin University and Insight SRC surveyed 12 schools, 104 teachers and 1,853 students to assess the impact of the mindfulness program.

Research concluded that mindfulness can assist children with their:
– Sleep
– Classroom behaviour
– Managing emotions
– Focus and Concentration
– Wellbeing

We have different programs for schools to suit their needs:

1.5 hour keynote presentation:
“Mindfulness: Upgrade your mind for more focus and productivity”

Includes an introduction to guided mindfulness

Scientific research on why we should be mindful and how it can help us bring more focus, effectiveness and engagement into the workplace.

8 Weeks program:
We will be conducting mindfulness meditation to 2 – 5 class rooms for 8 weeks. We can work out a time frame and conduct mindfulness meditation once a week for eight weeks.

What does it include:
– We will provide a mindfulness journal to keep record and monitor how students are progressing
– Give few techniques to students to practice at home

2 Semester Program:

This is 2 semester program.

What does it include:
– We will provide a mindfulness journal to keep record and monitor how students are progressing
– Give few techniques to students to practice at home
– Audio (USB) guided mindfulness meditation practices for participants to use after the training

2 Semester Program & Training Teachers
It is a whole year program. We will be conducting mindfulness meditation sessions 2 – 5 class rooms, once a week. We will also provide training to few teachers. Teachers will be given all the training to use different mindfulness techniques and also manage students while conducting meditation sessions.

What does it include:
– We will provide a mindfulness journal to keep record and monitor how students are progressing
– Give few techniques to students to practice at home
– Audio (USB) guided mindfulness meditation practices for participants to use after the training
– Giving guidance and supervising teachers while they conduct meditation and provide training
– Email coaching with Haran in between weekly sessions to clarify your doubts

Tools that Haran uses:


As a trained counsellor and psychotherapist Haran uses some of the psychotherapy and counselling tools, therapy and techniques such as CBT, Narrative Therapy etc. Counselling, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a broad variety of issues and emotional difficulties.

However Haran beliefs that counselling/ psychotherapy or talking therapy alone cannot help people with their issues. Because most of our issues are in our subconscious.

That means, when we are doing counselling alone, we are only scratching the surface of the problem. We are only working with the tip of the iceberg. That’s why you see people go for counselling for years and years and you don’t really see any improvements in their life.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy in its briefest definition is “therapy under hypnosis”. It is a safe and beneficial form of therapy with no harmful side effects which has been used for hundreds of years in various countries and cultures.

This is the use of trance to make changes at the unconscious level. Hypnosis has been used to produce unconscious change with clients. The person under hypnosis will be in full control at all times and he or she would not do something that he/she normally would not do. The person under hypnosis would not do anything against their moral beliefs.

The Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory have never had hypnosis regulation; in 1998 the state of Victoria deregulated hypnosis. New South Wales has long allowed self- regulation, which is responsibly and fairly guided by associations.Hypnosis is approved as a therapeutic practice by the British Medical Association in 1955 and by the American Medical Association in 1958.

Since Hypnosis may be used during your session, for your safety you should make sure that you are totally wide awake before driving or doing any other activities that may require concentration. Your practitioner is an experienced Hypnotherapist and qualified as a Trainer’s Trainer in Hypnosis. He’s been certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Most people believe, it’s like a magic that Haran will use a magic-wand and everything’s going to change or that they will be asleep or not in control when they are in a state of hypnosis. This is not true. The client is always in control. When we are in hypnosis our minds are actually super alert and very focused but the body is very comfortably relaxed. It’s a very pleasant, relaxed, daydream, meditative like state. It is a state that can be used to free ourselves from everyday stresses and anxiety that plagues so many of us today. This is such good news! And it’s permanent when done correctly.

What you’ve seen on the movies is not the real hypnosis and what you see on the stage-hypnosis is real, however it just proves how people can be made to forget things or believe in certain things.


They are chicken. If they can do that we can also work together with people to forget their depression and sadness isn’t it? We can help them to belief that they are the most confident person in the world etc.

Hypnotherapy used for:
• Quit Smoking
• Managing Pain
• Weight Loss
• Soothe Anxiety & Depression
• Hypno-Birthing
• Eliminate Phobias
• Increase Self Esteem
• Quit Gambling
• Past Life Regression

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a model of communication-how we communicate to self and others-and how that communication creates and affects our behaviour and emotions. As a study, it is a synthesis of cognitive and behavioural philosophies which focus on the information coming in through the neurology (cognitive) and the programs we run inside our heads to produce the behaviours we do. Your practitioner is certified as an NLP Trainers Trainer by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

For every behaviour and every emotions including negative emotions and behaviours we have neural network and when we use NLP we break that old pattern of negative emotions, behaviours and limiting beliefs and reprogram their unconscious/subconscious mind to help the client to take control of their life and create a better future.

NLP can assist people with:
• Emotions
• Relationship Issues
• Performance Enhancement
• Building great Self Esteem
• Weight Loss
• Assist Children with their Education
• Business

Get Rid of:
• Addictions: Quit Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs and other
• Phobia & Fear
• Depression, Anxiety and Stress
• Limiting beliefs (I can’t earn money, I can’t find the partner, I’m not good enough, I can’t have a healthy life… etc)

Time Line Therapy®

The techniques are a process of active imagination where the client imagines moving through his/ her Time Line and letting go of the negative emotions and or limiting decisions (or limiting beliefs). Then the client is also asked to imagine creating events in the future that support the Client’s goals or outcomes. Time Line Therapy® techniques have demonstrated results in a broad variety of presenting problems. It is a very powerful technique which allows clients to make long-lasting changes in a very rapid way. Your practitioner is certified as a Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner by the Time Line Therapy® Association.

Haran had been trained by Dr Tad James, the founder of Time Line Therapy. Time Line Therapy™ is a process that assists us:

• To let go of Negative Emotions from the past
• To let go of Limiting Decisions from the past
• Create our future the way we want it.

The latest development in NLP, Time Line Therapy® techniques are a unique and UNMATCHED method for creating powerful change in business, education,and personal life

The specific collection of techniques called Time Line Therapy® produces long-lasting transformation very quickly and easily. The process is very fast. These powerful Time Line Therapy™ techniques are becoming the method of choice to make fast, effective, long-term changes in behaviour.

People find much harder to change consciously. The Time Line Therapy™ techniques allow you to work at the subconscious/ unconscious level and release the effects of past negative experiences and change “inappropriate” programming in minutes rather than days, months or years.

Thought Field Therapy:

Tapping gives you there power to heal your life. It puts the control back into your own hands.

When you do this practice, you will be tapping on different points on your body. These are specific meridian points (carries life-force to different parts of you). By tapping in those particular points you release the negative emotions from your system.

Pranic Therapy

Pranic healing is the science of transferring Life Force or Prana to create well being. All life is energy, even words, emotions, thoughts and actions. We have the ability to dissolve negative energy and replace it with positive, healing, expansive energy. Pranic healing is a system that has been validated through a range of scientific studies and is also explained by the science of the Zero point field of quantum physics.

The modern-day founder of Pranic healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, expanded this healing therapy to 84 countries, where it continues to be taught today.

Pranic healing is a technique that cleanses energises, rebalances and most importantly reprogram the energy body(Aura) and energy centres (Chakras) to enable physical health to be restored.

After the healing people can feel:
• An unusual sense of peace and serenity, as if a big weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
• Reduced stress
• Inner peace, love and compassion
• Relaxed
• Healthier (Physically and emotionally)
• Sharper and clearer thinking
• And many more Pranic Healing can be used for ALL aspects of life, such as:
• Health
• Psychological Problems
• Relationships
• Finances/ Business
• Environments
• Spiritual Aspects

Pranic Therapy does not intend to replace conventional medicine. Haran Thanabalasingam is not a medical doctor, he does not intend to replace the or-thodox medicine. Even through he uses great techniques and modalities for treatments, It is rather to complement not to replace the medical practice.

Modern Hypnosis Certification Training

Learn the very latest hypnosis techniques

Earn your Certificate in Hypnosis and be certified by American Board of Hypnotherapy

You are invited to learn the latest hypnosis techniques and receive your Certificate in Hypnosis by completing the 3 day Course by Haran Thanabalasingam.

Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote accelerated human change. This weekend programs will teach you how to make permanent changes in behaviour.

During this weekend you will learn how to guide yourself and others to lose weight, quit smoking, control pain, reduce stress and enhance performance.

These programs are especially suited for health care professionals, practicing therapists, and individuals seeking to make a positive change in their lives.

Through a series of fascinating discussions, informative demonstrations, and interactive exercises, you will be using hypnosis after only 3 days. And at the end of the weekend, you’ll have your manual and an open book test to complete at home.

Once you’ve completed the open book test, you’ll be on your way to see clients straight away. And remember you’ll have Haran Thanabalasingam’s full support for life, whenever you need it.

Learn from the experts

Both beginners and professionals benefit from the hands-on training offered in this Certification Course.

Haran is an expert in the field of Accelerated Human Change Technology. He has a been working as a counsellor and a psychotherapist before this and had seen 100s of clients. He is also a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis.

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